Mesotherapy is a technique in which intraepidermal micropuncture is performed by injecting substances that will produce the beneficial effect sought by the patient.

Mesotherapy’s history dates back more than 200 years when the therapeutic utility of some insect bites and hive reactions of certain plants was discovered by chance.

So the knowledge that willfully causing an inflammatory reaction has a therapeutic effect on previous pathological situations is present in human beings’ historical memory. It it was not until a bit more than 200 years ago that a system was devised to allow for inoculation of therapeutic substances selected with scientific criteria.

The effects of body mesotherapy on cellulite treatment, reduction treatment, and even firming treatments are widely known; the results depend on the type of substance used on each occasion.

In our centres, Department of Health authorized products are used to produce the desired effects for our patients, fulfilling their dreams quickly and with the knowledge that these treatments have been used for many years and are still effective today.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that’s tolerated well by patients without significant side effects. The odd pinprick is the only silent witness of a patient having mesotherapy body treatment.